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Telescopic crane – stiff boom crane-Truck mounted crane

Max. lifting moment 25.0 mt
Max. lifting capacity 10000 kg/2.5 m

Max. hydraulic outreach 14.0 m

Number of booms 4 sections

Longer boom ideal for wide working area

Strong lifting performance due to proprietary technology

Dual pump hydraulic system & proportional control valve allows for smooth controllability and high operating efficiency

Higher transport capacity due to lighter, optimized crane structure

Manufactured with European quality processes to ensure safety and reliability

Suitable for installation on 3-axle trucks

Large outrigger span, good stability

Global matching, high-end configuration, Reliable quality

Beautiful shape, Sophisticated Technology, Durable

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High tensile strength extension booms to optimize

the lifting height and the working range

Best lift-to-weight ratio in the industry

The wide outrigger span ensures the best stability

in all mounting situations

The standard package includes 2 working lights to

ensure safe operation, day and night

Optionally available is an over-load protection

system to ensure safe crane operation

SANY PALFINGER produces according to

European Quality Standards to ensure the best

reliability, performance, and safety in the industry

Optimized for installation on 4 axle trucks

A Safety Package is optionally available

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